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Episode 21 already!  But there’s still lots to do for Yoon Jae In – like taking care of Seo Jae Myung and Geodae.  And she really shouldn’t leave Kim Yeong Gwang hanging.

It worried me that in this episode most of my reactions were mirrored by Kim Yeong Gwang.  Not that I think he’s dumb or anything, but I just never thought we’d ever see so eye to eye.  After Jae In made her provocative announcement about the shares, he really summed up my thoughts in a voice-over which basically amounted to: I don’t get why you’re doing this, but you’re so happy so whatever.  I get that the hero or heroine always has to return the conglomerate to the employees, but to be honest I’m not watching k-dramas for their faithful depictions of Korean business practices.

Jae Myung spent most of the episode hitting his henchmen and threatening to kill Jae In, so he probably enjoyed himself.  Seo In Cheol also confronted Jae In to no avail – except that he sounded kind of goofy when he said her name.  And I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t more menacing when he lost his temper and hit the table.  I guess he’s one of those gentle giants after all.  At least Seo In Wu is out of the hospital and allying himself with the prosecutor to take everyone down, especially In Cheol am thinking.  Because nobody puts In Wu in a box.

Even though he’s only been out of the hospital for 2 seconds, In Wu still found the opportunity to live it up in an elevator with Jae In (you kind of admire his wiliness), as Yeong Gwang watched the blinking elevator light stop at the fifteenth floor.  It was as if he knew that In Wu was cuddling with Jae In even though my first thought on seeing a stopped elevator wouldn’t be touchy-feely times – I’d think more of taking the stairs in case of an emergency.  But this whole triangle is starting to confuse me – I know, only starting to?  Maybe I am as bad as Yeong Gwang after all.  But I thought it was understood that Jae In and Yeong Gwang like each other, and now that they know they aren’t siblings, what’s the problem?  Why is she still standing next to In Wu?  In some ways In Wu has been written as the traditional first guy who gets the girl, but in other ways not.  I’m still pretty sure she’ll end up with Yeong Gwang, so maybe they’re just trying to drag things out?  Or has In Wu developed a strong following that will result in a love coup?  That has been known to happen in K-drama land.

I liked Sales Team 1 the best in this episode, and probably even in the entire drama even though I still think it’s a little weird.  Jae Myung broke their little dream team apart, sending Cha Hong Ju to customer service and Joo Dae Sung to the dusty basement – I’ll never forgive the Chairman for that last one.  Though I still don’t think Geum Bok’s response was that warranted when he lost it on one of the henchmen (who looks more like a mild-mannered lawyer than a henchman).  That was another really awkward scene of almost violence that I couldn’t really get behind.  Did the former loan shark really think that was the worst the Chairman could do?  Did he not hear about what happened to Jae In’s dad?

Heo Yeong Do put up with it, but it was obvious that he had something up his loud, cufflinked sleeves.  And sure enough, it was Protest Time at Geodae.  The Sit-In/Demonstration is such a time-honored tradition in the K-drama (Iljimae comes immediately to mind) though I admit that the first time I heard mention of the famous student protests in Korea in a movie (The Host) I thought it was a weird thing to include.  But now I’ve come to accept that Koreans like to see their protests and demonstrations in their entertainment.  I wonder what the screenwriter’s background was since she has written about this quite a lot.

But the protest wasn’t enough.  Yeong Do also sicced his two best warriors (that’s how I saw it, at any rate –  in some ways this drama feels like a saeguk) on the company.  Hong Ju took pictures and put up incriminating posters, while Dae Sung went comment-happy on the Geodae website (how very Cha Do Wu and Mazinger of him).  But Yeong Do took the leading role by pretending to get sick when the Henchmen tried to cart him off.  As he lay on the gurney, he told Yeong Gwang that life is a show, and people should enjoy it.  Yeong Gwang agreed and continued with the protest.  Until he got arrested for the assault of In Wu, that is.

I’m not too worried about the arrest since this rite of passage happens all the time in dramas – the tofu industry must be very thankful.  But also because it’s obvious that this was planned between him and In Wu as a way to bring Jae Myung and In Cheol down, and to help Jae In.  But Jae In was too busy giving away her shares to notice.

I think it’s pretty obvious that my favorite member of Sales Team 1 is Joo Dae Sung.  I felt for him when he couldn’t impress his crush, Cha Hong Ju, even though I guess Yeong Gwang was right (if not a little backwards) to put her out of harm’s way when the henchmen attacked them instead of linking arms with her.  I have to say that I don’t know why the Cha Hong Ju actress, Lee Jin, isn’t as big as her former Fin.K.L. band mate Sung Yu Ri.  I think she’s a better actress and pretty too, so what’s the problem?  I wonder why she didn’t sing for this OST since Fin.K.L. sang the main songs for All About Eve – one of the best drama OSTs ever.  And I wonder who Hong Ju will end up with.  If she’s not careful, Dae Sung may move on to someone who appreciates him more.

And note to Jae In – please get a grown up bag.