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I know Seo In Cheol offered to be Yoon Jae In’s hidden card in this episode, but I think the real Hidden Card Award goes to Seo In Wu and his wacky crime-solving partner, Kim Yeong Gwang.  When they did a fist bump, you knew In Cheol didn’t stand a chance.

I should just get this out of the way right now: I am so very beyond creeped out by In Cheol (Park Sang Woong) and Kim Gyung Ju (Kim Yeon Joo) and their white bathrobe hotel room interludes.  I thought that after shocking us in an earlier episode they’d stop, but yesterday found them in the same fluffy white robes.  Nothing happened since In Cheol was sulking over having been found out by Seo Jae Myung – he hadn’t even had time to reapply his hair gel, he was that upset.  The chairman saw the real CCTV footage of In Wu’s attack by the Man with the Scar and told his nephew, “You’re finished.”  That’s like one of the worse things someone can say in a K-drama, so we can forgive In Cheol for forgetting his grooming.

And why was In Cheol found out?  Because In Wu finally stepped up and became the not-so-evil mastermind he always had in him.  It wasn’t the most complex plan, but I make allowances for his extensive injuries.  He and Yeong Gwang worked together for everything – getting arrested, provoking In Cheol, and keeping things from Jae In – even though Yeong Gwang wasn’t always informed of the plan.  His trust in In Wu was poignant.  In Wu is mostly interested in capturing his kidnapper because there’s a timeliness to this since the statute of limitations is about to run out (oh no, the statute of limitations!), but he also has no qualms about messing with his father either.

I don’t blame him for being more concerned with his kidnapping.  I had no idea it had been so extensive – something crazy like 15 days or something of being confined and assaulted.  [Sidenote: Why do K-dramas love this?  They did something similar in the recent Marry Me, Mary! with Kim Jae Wook’s character.  I don’t know – maybe it’s as real as stock subscriptions.]  In Wu still doesn’t know who orchestrated the kidnapping since at the time it occurred there was an investigation of Geodae – both the chairman and In Cheol’s family could have benefited from the respite the kidnapping afforded.  But In Wu’s smart and the drama’s about to end – I think he’ll figure it out.

Yeong Gwang continued to be the comic relief, having a ball in jail – he’s gotta have his ja jang myun (black bean noodles).  I was a little surprised to see the ja jang myun – is it not the season for oxtail soup?

Sales Team 1 was shocked to see him behind bars, but his Yeong Gwang-iness assured them that he was ok.  I could see why Joo Dae Sung was so disgusted by him – Yeong Gwang is kind of shameless.  And now it looks like Geum Bok is included in all the Sales Team 1 powwows.  So maybe that means he should stop talking about open recruiting.  And I loved the scene where Heo Yeong Do looks out onto the Seoul nightscape and smirks over the havoc he intends to wreak (Defecting executives – really?  That’s all?) – it was very City Hunter of him.

Jae In was pretty passive this episode, just supplying a lawyer here and there (how smart of her to buy them in bulk), and giving away her shares.  At least she found Yeong Gwang’s ill grandmother – though I really don’t see the point of that storyline in general other than to make Jae In think that she should go back to nursing.  But still, she seems to have more contact with In Cheol than with either of her suitors.  I wonder why they didn’t do more with an In Cheol-Jae In loveline since I think they hinted at it earlier.  I get the impression that Gyung Ju is kind of jealous of her non-boyfriend’s interest in Jae In, but maybe that would be too many men for Jae In – the Korean title is Yeong Gwang’s Jae In (it’s a pun), not Yeong Gwang’s/In Wu’s/In Cheol’s Jae In.  But In Cheol must have thought about it – if he becomes the chairman marrying her would solidify his position.  But seeing him rifle through her bear backpack made me think that their feelings might be more platonic.

The episode left off with Jae In and In Cheol revealing Jae Myung’s slush fund and tax evasion, while Korea’s calmest prosecutor sat at her desk wondering whether to go after Jae Myung (who isn’t going anywhere) or prevent Yeong Gwang from getting killed by the Man with the Scar.  Decisions, decisions.  But seeing Yeong Gwang look so exhilarated while running reminded me that he probably enjoyed playing ball more than this paper pushing position.  Who knows what he’ll end up doing?  But I have a feeling that we don’t have to worry about him.