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It’s starting to feel less and less like Hye Sung’s show, and more a drama about the two fair rivals JB and Yu Jin.  And I guess that’s ok since Hye Sung wasn’t really fitting in anyway.  In this episode (12 already – where does the time go?) Yu Jin figured out he was being used, while JB discovered just how dangerous dating Hye Sung can be.

After JB (Im Jae Bum) got over his cold feet and attended that weird rose proposal ceremony, Shin Hye Sung (Kang So Ra) actually agreed to be his singing partner, which somehow also meant that she agreed to be his girlfriend.  No one really approves of their union, but they’re in that honeymoon stage when it doesn’t really matter to them what other people think.  Ah, hormonal high school romance.

They indulged in the typical drama fare, playing hooky and going on one of those street dates where they revel in being “normal” by eating “low” food and touching live aquatic life.  This happens in nearly every drama, really.  I’m not sure how I feel about how Hye Sung paid for everything – she kind of fits the role of sugar mama pretty well, I think.

And their date even culminated in a starlight kiss – JB really likes her cheek.  But after what was supposed to be a sweet day for them, you know that their relationship can’t last for very long.  I don’t even mind that since I’m not seeing any good chemistry between them.  No matter what they do, she always just looks like his indulgent nuna.  Maybe he’s into that.

While they were off having fun times, Rian (Ji Yeon) and Jin Yu Jin (Jin Woon) were actually practicing to win the audition.  They worked really hard, practicing the tango endlessly – I don’t really get the point of the tango, but whatever.  These two at least get along pretty well, maybe because they understand each other.  Like, she knew just what she had to do in order to get him to practice more – tell him that he was the pacemaker.  There have been worse partnerships in K-Dramas.  And for some reason, even though Yu Jin is getting all close to Rian, it still felt more wrong for Hye Sung to put a JB bandaid on JB.  What a cheater she is!

Maybe it’s because Yu Jin seems more vulnerable, even with all of his mean comments.  That Hye Sung is coming across as kind of cold-hearted, right?

Before the actual audition, there was a mock photoshoot that became something of a centerpiece of the episode – and why not?  Each person had to style his or her partner, and it went down in a predicatable way.  Lee Seul (Jung Yeon Joo) and Park Soon Dong (Yoo So Yeong) had the best costumes since they just put the other in what they themselves would have wanted to wear.  Though maybe Soon Dong would have chosen to be Tomb Raider too.

Jung Ui Bong (Jr.) and Ailee went the Sungkyunkwan Scandal route (which really just made me miss the original drama more – oh, Geo Roh), while Si Woo (Park Seo Joon) and Park Hong Joo (Kim Ji Soo) were a little more involved as a romantic soldier and Elton John, the ladies’ man.  Does Si Woo know who Elton John is?

Yu Jin made Rian get rid of her black eye gunk and go into Audrey Hepburn mode (so that’s what he’s into – then why does he like Hye Sung?) while Rian made him into a flashy superstar.  He even shared his G-minor power with her – he wants to win too.

JB’s was the most like a backhanded compliment since he went for a Swan Lake theme and told Hye Sung that she’s really a swan that still thinks she’s an ugly duckling.  I thought she had gotten over her ugly duckling feelings.  I think he just wanted to see her in a super short dress, but whatever.  She was the cruelest since she didn’t even let him get dressed up.  What’s a photoshoot without getting dressed up?

I don’t get what the Super Producer Shin Jae In (Yoon Hee Suk) – whose promos are strangely riveting to me (who films them for him?) – was thinking as he flipped through JB’s pictures, but I hope it’s something super idol related or else he just kind of looked like a perv.

And then the actual audition arrived.  I didn’t expect all of the performances to be good, but it was kind of lame that we didn’t get to see all of them.  At least Si Woo and Hong Joo Look like they’re getting along better now.

I don’t really get JB’s and Hye Sung’s concept, but JB blew them all away with his crazy breakdancing moves.  Always a crowd-pleaser.

So it looked like he was going to prove to President Lee that he could date Hye Sung and still be a Super Idol, until Rian and Yu Jin went last.

Their concept made a little more sense to me – sleazy 70s folk singers.  Rian used the old tears-of-a-rejected-person trick to get people on her side and it seemed to work.

One person was disqualified from the Super Idol audition for failing to make a successful proposal – JB.

The president and the super producer were going to use anything as an excuse to punish JB for dating a non-idol, so maybe Rian wasn’t so successful.  But still, I wonder how long the JB-Hye Sung couple will withstand this kind of humiliation.  Especially when they don’t really seem to like one another.  The message to JB was clear: that’s what happens when you drop the K-Pendant and play hooky.

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