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I guess I was the only one who felt a little suffocated by the Date that Never Ended in the last episode, since in this one Seo Jun (Jang Geun Suk) did all that he could to prolong his outing with Jung Ha Na (Yoon Ah).  We also left lovely Hokkaido, and made our way back to Seoul where we finally saw Neo-Lee Dong Wook, and caught up with our old college friends.

I guess the director wanted to show that people nowadays are dumber than their 70s counterparts, since Jun is much slower to realize that he has already fallen in love with Ha Na, as compared to how his dad was way back when.  Even though he got Confused Face and tried to kiss her at the hot springs, he still couldn’t understand what was going on.

Being in denial, he can’t explain why it’s impossible for him to leave her alone, coming up with all sorts of reasons to keep her by his side: He should come with her to get her phone fixed, they should eat delicious looking curry for lunch, they should just dawdle on the sidewalk together.  His suggestions weren’t crazy, so I don’t think she just stuck around because she already likes him (I’m hoping she doesn’t yet).  I guess what I found the most outrageous about their time together was how she wore one of his button downs as her clothes were being dry cleaned – like Jun’s bodycon clothes would have been that loose, right?

They continued to bicker since he did stuff to piss her off like throw out her hot pink vest she had loaned him – she’s irrational like that.  What made him really angry, though, was when her sunbae, Han Tae Sung (Kim Young Gwang), showed up and kind of took the fun out of their date by acting really mature and grown up as he took her away.  Jun hadn’t counted on Ha Na having other love interests – fool.

It was a little weird how he was so hung up on the fact that she dared to tear herself away from him – well, duh.  But he needn’t have been so worried, since Ha Na could barely eat with Tae Sung (having just inhaled a plate with Jun), and the heroine always has to get together with the person she can eat the most with.

It looks like sunbae will consistently be heartbroken in this series, but he seems slightly deadened, so maybe he won’t mind.  Maybe it’s just me, but Kim Young Gwang looks a little lost in this role.  I might feel worse for his character if I wasn’t already rooting for Kim Si Hoo – sorry, Plague.

Before our drama could return to Seoul, Jun had to put his foot in it with Ha Na.  She had already started to warm up to him a little, I think, and not just because he bought her an expensive see-through dress (what a skank he is!).  She overheard him saying to his creepy little assistant that he was just fooling around with the naive Ha Na.  If Jun can seduce a woman in three seconds, he can also alienate her in half that time.  She got angry and then chided herself for getting worked up over a freak like him (good call, Ha Na).  She vows never to see him again, but that might be hard when he used her picture in a jewelry ad without her permission.  The things he will do to keep her coming back to him.

Back in Seoul, it was like a reunion as we finally met his mom – it’s Baek Hye Jung (Yoo Hye Ri).  I was disappointed and shocked that they went there – what’s wrong with her that she still wanted to marry In Ha (Jung Jin Young) after all that happened?  That’s messed up.  She runs a successful clothing company, but it’s hinted that she went through a hard-drinking problem.  It’s sad how she’s still in love with In Ha, who does everything he can to avoid his wife.  I started to get pretty disgusted with In Ha, until we learned that everyone thought that Yun Hui had died in the States.  Ok, that still doesn’t make it ok that you married Hye Jung, but it explains a lot.  Why did Yun Hui feel the need to lie to everyone like that?  And is Chang Mo (he seems to have shrunk in middle age) the only one of the Group who knows the truth?  Dong Wook (Kwon In Ha) must know, right?  It looks like the gang’s going to meet up for Chang Mo’s bar opening (I guess he’s ok after being a fugitive for who knows how long).  I’m curious how Hye Jung will react when she sees Ha Na – will she think it’s a ghost?  Does she look human to you?

Even though Ha Na should have been looking for an apartment and focusing on her grad studies (where is her mom, by the way?), she had to take care of that ad first.  She went to Jun’s studio (what a nice visit to the Spring Waltz set) which we see is kind of a three-in-one: his studio, a cafe, and a clinic – you never need to go anywhere else!  Being the nosy girl that she is, she snoops around the place, commenting on the dead flowers and bad soil until she comes across a little cottage/playhouse that has fragrant plants around it.  She examines this clubhouse full of comic books and dust, and comes upon a sleeping Neo-Dong Wook, known to us as Lee Sun Ho (Kim Si Hoo).

This Sleeping Beauty is a lot less passive, since as he dreams (uh, what kind of dream was it?), he grabs onto Ha Na, causing her to scream and let Jun know where she is.  Her screams also awaken Sun Ho who is shocked to see someone. Madness ensues as Jun bursts in, and he and Ha Na point fingers at each other before she tumbles back on to Sun Ho, who had just wanted to know if she had a fever.  Jun wasn’t feeling that.  I can’t believe Sun Ho is more like In Ha than his own dad, but I like that so far Kim Si Hoo is playing him kind of broadly.  So the director knows that the In Ha type would never get the girl in 2012?

Jang Geun Suk seems to be much more comfortable with this character than In Ha, which is to his credit, and he’s all the better for it.  Maybe he was as disgusted by In Ha as I was.  Also, Ha Na got a lot of nicknames in this episode, my favorite probably being Lululu (who doesn’t want seconds?).  I’m less cool with Garbage Truck, the answer to one of her signature riddles (what has four legs and flies?).  The only acceptable riddle in a drama is the Lying Monkey one, since it’s so bizarre and makes no sense.  And that’s a better nickname.

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