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I was so pleased to learn the “true story” about Seo Yun Jae, that I’ve decided just to accept the other flaws of the drama.  If this weren’t a Hong Sisters drama with really high expectations, then I’d probably be liking it even better.  As it is, things are finally starting to get less frustrating, which probably has to do with Kang Gyeong Jun becoming more comfortable being a teen suddenly placed into the body of his teacher’s fiancé (took him long enough).  And poor Teacher Na – you’re just not meant to get the girl.  I felt bad seeing him scramble to clean his car when he thought he’d be giving Da Ran a ride, but I also thought that he should keep his car clean in general.  Whatever – he should be content with his eternal youth.

Now that Gyeong Jun is convinced that Yoon Jae has been cheating on Gil Teacher with this other ahjumma, he sets about “righting” this wrong in his own adolescent, self-righteous way.  When Lee Se Young tries to do that two-faced second girl thing to get rid of Da Ran, so that she can have some alone time with “Yun Jae,” Gyeong Jun shuts her down at every turn.  It was so satisfying, yet crude, the way he told her that she, his friend, should leave, and have all the cookies and Darjeeling tea she wanted by herself, since he wanted to be alone with his fiancée.  Since Da Ran wasn’t cooperating with his plans, he did the only thing he could do, and picked her up, carrying her away to his castle (apartment).  I think the actress enjoyed this scene.

I really like how Gyeong Jun did his part to help his Gil Teacher, and he said all of the things I always want the main guy to say to the evil second girl when she’s being a bitch.  I won’t think about what it says about me that only a punk kid also thinks to say these things.

Anyways, Da Ran was eventually touched by what her adorable little student was trying to do for her, and praised him as if he had just gotten a perfect score on his spelling test.  I really hope she never talks to him like this again once she realizes she likes him.  It doesn’t really help make the inappropriate teacher-student romance any less creepy.

And she wasn’t all that stupid about Se Young.  While she assured Gyeong Jun that she had perfect faith in the perfect Yoon Jae, it stung when he called her out on her blind faith in this guy she doesn’t really know.  He asked her why it was so necessary for Yun Jae not to be bad – is she determined to marry him at all costs, no matter what the truth is?  He was kind of rude about it, but I agreed with him.  Something was very wrong with their relationship, and Da Ran wasn’t facing it.  She should really thank Gyeong Jun for switching bodies like this.

And she even changed her behavior regarding the Se Young threat.  Gyeong Jun had actually gone for grown up drinks with Yoon Jae’s “friend,” and even hopelessly drunk, had been very clear that Da Ran was the woman he was going to marry.  But since kids shouldn’t drink, he passed out, only to wake up in Se Young’s bed.  This offered another opportunity to show off Gong Yoo’s body – it’s just getting tacky at this point.  I don’t think anything happened, but Gyeong Jun freaked out, and even tried running away to Japan rather than confess to Gil Teacher.  I think that’s a valid choice.

But since he’s not one of those annoying leading men, he eventually told Da Ran what happened, so that when Se Young maliciously mentioned it in front of everyone at the hospital, Da Ran was prepared, and totally acted proud to be the first wife.

Is this really so hard to do, leading men?  Now that there are no secrets between these two, they actually seem like a real couple.  And not just because Da Ran’s mom suddenly sees sparks between the two of them.  That was kind of gross.

They also seem more like a couple since they presented a united front to a new threat (new character alert!): Jang Ma Ri (Suzy, Dream High), someone annoying from Gyeong Jun’s old life.

I had liked Suzy in Dream High, and hadn’t thought that she was as bad as everyone had said.  But so far, I actually think she’s been kind of…bad as the daffy princess Ma Ri, who is obsessed with Gyeong Jun.  She even stalks Gil Teacher in order to find her idol, since Da Ran’s picture was the last thing Gyeong Jun posted before going AWOL.  Doesn’t anyone think it’s weird that this kid posted a surveillance-type of shot of his teacher?  No one thinks that’s inappropriate, or anything?

I guess Ma Ri’s not really a traditional second lead, or at least she won’t be until Gyeong Jun and Da Ran start having lovey-dovey feelings for one another.  But they were supposed to become step-siblings (his mom and her dad must have been about to get married before she died), so I hope this is just a silly crush, and not anything gross like Love Rain.  Maybe she just really cares about him, and now that he’s all alone she thinks that the only way to save him is to marry him, so that he’ll have a real family.  Because otherwise, ew.

And Ma Ri already has a new love interest in the form of Da Ran’s dopey brother, who seems to have fallen for this new character at first sight.

Chung Sik in love is just as you would expect – he’s a total spaz, but this sincerity works on him.  Not everyone could get away with the pick up line of, “You’re very pretty,” and say it while he was bleeding.

It hurts seeing him try so hard to be cool, and trying to woo her with the promise of a pizza dinner in exchange for messing up her designer purse.

He later walked around with his phone in his hand, waiting for her call, and even skipped dinner for her.  I guess the Gils are really serious when it comes to love.

And he wasn’t even fazed when she called him out and told him that it would take about 300 pizzas to make up for his earlier graffiti.  He promptly got down on his knees, and then began calling her nuna.  I think he’s already won her over a little, since she subtracted a few pizzas from his debt.  Suzy is much better in the scenes with Baek Sung Hyun, so they must end up together.

Chung Sik also told her about Gyeong Jun, and took her to the hospital to see him.  See, he’s not as alone as he thinks, since Ma Ri is genuinely grieved to see him like this.  That didn’t stop her from trying to slap him awake, much to Chung Sik’s horror and discomfort.  I don’t think that was the best thing to do, either.

While Ma Ri was making her grand entrance (how decadent not to come until the third episode), Da Ran was having a much more interesting time finding out the truth about her fiancé.  After applying for Yun Jae’s leave of absence, she and Gyeong Jun had a grown up dinner with his colleagues, Se Young included.

Gyeong Jun gallantly tried to spare Da Ran’s feelings when talk turned to how they met, and Se Young smirked when she said that given their violent meeting, it couldn’t have been love at first sight.  He denied this, saying that Da Ran looked adorable unconscious, so of course he fell in love.  I hope Da Ran appreciates that not every student would do this for his teacher.

And then Yun Jae’s friend stepped in to reveal the truth about Yun Jae’s feelings (thank you, guy who’s also in Bridal Mask!).  It had actually been his wedding to Da Ran’s teacher friend, and he had been thinking of setting Yoon Jae up with someone from the bride’s party.  We go back to that fateful day and see it anew through Yun Jae’s eyes – Yun Jae’s smitten eyes, that is.

For from the minute she literally runs into him on the elevator, he can’t help but take an interest in this girl as she falls apart at her friend’s wedding.  I guess that works on some people.

I thought it was pretty cute how he was always right next to her, but she was too preoccupied with her own issues to notice.  You know she had serious problems when she didn’t even notice someone like Gong Yoo, wearing a loud checked jacket, all up in her space, and staring at her.  Like, so obviously, it was almost rude.

He thought she was adorable with her uggo hairdo as she criticized the food and the wedding in general – if he likes her like that, it must be love.  Yun Jae immediately asked his friend to set him up with Da Ran, because she was so pretty.

I was a little surprised that the drama made Yun Jae kind of a decent guy.  Like Da Ran, I had been so unsure of his true feelings, and that was making me kind of resent him.  But now I totally get it – he’s just a little shy.  That’s why he liked someone so loud and weird, and that’s why he’s so reticent about his feelings.

I wonder if his pulling away towards the end was because she stopped being herself around him, or because he was having his own LA-related issues that he didn’t want to burden her with.  I’m glad that Da Ran wasn’t just a charity case, but now I worry what’s going to happen with the romance.

I’m pretty sure she’s meant for Gyeong Jun, but if Yun Jae actually loves her, what’s he going to do?  He can’t very well end up with Ma Ri, right?  Will he just be the sad man who was too boring for the heroine?  He wouldn’t be the first one in a drama.

For the time, though, Da Ran is on cloud nine at the thought that her fiancé thought she was pretty right away (I guess she doesn’t ask for much).  As she drunkenly trills songs from 200 Pounds Beauty, Gyeong Jun seems pretty subdued, as he had been from the moment he heard the True Yun Jae Story.  I guess he’ll be the one to fall for her first.

So of course when she summons him to join her on a park bench, he does, and talk soon turns to how far she had gone with Yun Jae.  Like Gyeong Jun, I assumed that this couple was pretty much for General Audiences, but Da Ran tries to impress her student.  So she acts all nonchalant as he takes her hand, and then puts his arm around her shoulder.  But then he leans in for a kiss – uh oh!  Please tell me she freaked out because she knows it’s Gyeong Jun in there, and not because this will be her first kiss with Yun Jae.  Though it’s a Korean drama, so maybe, right?

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