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I think Gil Da Ran has finally let the Yun Jae scales fall from her eyes.  I respect her a little more that she started to suspect him of infidelity even after hearing that he thought she was pretty.  Gil Teacher won’t fall for sweet talk like that!  Some angst is starting to set in, both for her and for Kang Gyeong Jun, and I wonder if this non-romantic angst will make additional romantic angst unnecessary in this drama.  I can dream, right?

There were kisses all around as Gil Teacher actually creeped out her student.  Gyeong Jun underestimated her when he leaned in for a “kiss,” since she called his bluff and didn’t pull away, leaving him the flustered one as he asked her whether she had been planning on going for it.  Gyeong Jun loses!  Even though she was still on her “I’m pretty” high, she could still complain about Yun Jae – it looks like they have only kissed once, and even then only under dubious circumstances.  It looks like Yun Jae is the type who likes to kiss girls when they’re asleep – he’s one of those.  I actually find this creepy, but the Hong Sisters must think it’s super duper romantic since they used it liberally in Hong Gil Dong.  To each her own, I guess.

Gyeong Jun must have felt very sorry for his teacher as she struggled to remember if it had been Yun Jae’s lips, or his hand that touched her, so he decided to help her out by giving her a quick peck.  She of course started to hit him, but I’m still surprised that this happened so early in the drama.  I guess the Hong Sisters are really taking advantage of their body swap.

I wonder if Da Ran even notices that since the switch she’s been spending way more time with her fiancé than before, and it’s not just because he took an extended vacation from work.  I doubt the real Yun Jae would have picked her up from school (and sweet talked her boss in order to get her to be nicer to Da Ran), and gone on all of those newlywed errands with her, such as buying bedding and couple pajamas, or even moving into their new home.

I can’t believe his feelings were actually hurt when she didn’t want him wearing those pajamas, but I agreed with him that the bedding she chose was kind of ugly.  Though does he have a right to judge when he insists on wearing those hideous shorts all of the time?  And he just kind of robbed Yun Jae, but I’m ok with that.

And even when he didn’t make it to the closing for their new marital home, it actually brought them closer.  Unlike Yun Jae, who might have missed it over something unacceptable like a surgery, Gyeong Jun was dealing with some family issues which elicited Da Ran’s pity, instead of her anger.

It’s a little sad that Gyeong Jun had naively thought that his uncle had been planning on moving him back to his home, when they had only been planning on selling it (at a loss even).  They even trashed his special car bed, and he of course had to heave it back inside in the pouring rain.  If it hadn’t rained, it wouldn’t have been as sad.

And so when Da Ran goes to confront him, she finds him a huddled, dripping mess on top of the broken bed, and her heart melts.  She totally won him over by ripping open all of her wedding things without a second thought, as she covered him up and started to cook for him.

I know that in a lot of dramas the heroine really mothers her man (the sewing, and the feeding, and stuff), but in this context it just seems a little wrong, but what can you do.  It took her long enough to do this – Gyeong Jun already took her fiance’s body, so why not his couple pajamas, too?  Even though he was touched by her care, which was for him personally, he started to get morose when he said that he knew Gil Teacher was looking out for just Gyeong Jun, since she wasn’t shooting love beams at him.  Well, I should hope not.

Gyeong Jun had already started to get really needy earlier when he used his teacher to fend off Jang Ma Ri, who is still around doing weird stomping things, and trying to kiss Gyeong Jun awake (I don’t think that was a bad idea, actually).

She had planned to take Gyeong Jun back to the States, but this obviously couldn’t happen.  And apparently the only way to do this was to make Ma Ri think that Gyeong Jun wanted to stay in Korea for the women he loved.  Who was Gil Teacher.

Ma Ri actually bought it, thanks to that suspicious picture he had posted of Da Ran.  See, that was totally weird!  So Gyeong Jun needn’t have gone quite so far, when he also told Ma Ri that Gyeong Jun had liked Da Ran from the minute he saw her on the bus, and then followed her to furniture stores, all the while thinking that she was so pretty.  I’m shocked that this drama just goes right out and says that Da Ran is pretty – I’m too used to dramas in which everyone, especially the love interest, talks about how not pretty the heroine is.

Ma Ri is still hopeful since Da Ran is engaged (interesting that age didn’t enter into her concerns), but is still worried since she thinks that Gyeong Jun is so much dreamier than Yun Jae (which Gyeong Jun totally agrees with).  She actually hates “Yun Jae” for trying to copy Gyeong Jun so much, so maybe her Gyeong Jun love doesn’t go very far.  She can’t even recognize him!

She also continues to harass Chung Sik, even coming over to his house so that she can scope out Da Ran’s room.  I wonder what Chung Sik is thinking, since it kind of sounded like he hoped Ma Ri would be returning to the States – is it just because he doesn’t want to pay for all of those pizzas?  And why would she lie to him about being older than she really is?  Does she like being called nuna, or does she think that being older will be a turnoff to him?  Everyone’s pretending to be older in this drama, right?  So far Ma Ri still hasn’t brought much to the table.  The drama is going out of its way to make her this loopy cut up, but she’s just not weird enough.  A truly weird girl would have realized that a body swap had occurred, and then acted accordingly.

Se Young continued to be all devious and on the periphery of the drama.  Gyeong Jun finally found out that the key in his apartment was a gift from Yun Jae’s “friend,” and of course tried to keep this information from Da Ran.  But it had to get out, especially since Da Ran had already opened the Pandora’s Box of Yun Jae’s phone, and saw all of the texts Se Young had been sending him.  She also figured out the secret of the key, and Da Raccoon rummaged through Gyeong Jun’s trash, then booked it to Se Young’s apartment.  Gyeong Jun ran after her, and just as Se Young was about to see who had opened the door, he shut it, shielding Gil Teacher in his embrace.

The Yun Jae-Gyeong Jun connection continues to be revealed in little pieces, and I’m still thinking that they’re somehow related.  And now Yun Jae owns that special house, since Gyeong Jun bought it in his name, so there will always be that property connection.

It looks like Yun Jae’s mom is a little difficult, and I wonder if she was against the marriage, which would be another reason Yun Jae was dragging his feet.  I guess we’ll find out why it’s significant that Yun Jae’s passwords are all Gyeong Jun’s birthday, and why they each have that angel picture.

Was Gyeong Jun kidnapped or something?  Or did they think he died as a child, and that’s why Yun Jae went into pediatrics?  Side note: it doesn’t inspire much confidence that Yun Jae carried a mini stapler around with him everywhere.

And is Yun Jae actually in Gyeong Jun’s body?  At least his feet will be super toasty from the couple socks that Da Ran gave him.  But they were blue – so why were his couple pajamas pink?  So many questions.

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