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I actually don’t really know what’s going on with this drama anymore.  It’s totally become this mash-up of random events, and I begin to search in vain for some kind of unifying plot or theme.  Is this just a body swap drama, or a boring study on marriage and reluctant grooms?  Whatever it is, it hasn’t been very fun so far.

I actually can’t believe it, but I no longer think that Da Ran is the most annoying character in this drama.  She’s still a little sad, but she’s stopped going overboard cutesy, and she’s all the better for it.  Or maybe Lee Min Jung hasn’t, but since Gong Yoo has upped his mugging tenfold, she’s looking almost subtle next to him.  This episode found her trying to grapple with all of the evidence that’s pointing to Yun Jae as a guy with major cold feet, who not only kept the key to another woman’s apartment, but was planning on skipping out to LA before the wedding without telling her.  I guess we’re still supposed to be wondering whether Yun Jae was good or not, but as of now I no longer care.

Even if the body swap hadn’t happened, Da Ran probably would have ended things once she found out all of these secrets Yun Jae had been keeping from her.  I hope it wasn’t just because Se Young told her that Yun Jae was too nice to leave pathetic people alone – wouldn’t that mean anyone Yun Jae hung out with was sad, including Se Young?  Since she knows she has to give up on these Yun Jae-marriage dreams, Da Ran went for one last hurrah in the form of her wedding photos.  Wanting some keepsakes from this brief time of maybe-happiness, she asked Gyeong Jun to indulge her one last time, so – photo shoot time!

I think Gyeong Jun was way more into it than Yun Jae would have been, however much he tried to appear like a cool and disaffected teen.  And all of a sudden he just kind of liked Gil Teacher, and wasn’t shy anymore about expressing it.

I wish the drama had shown this progression more, instead of having him just spontaneously like her like this.  Given the set-up, you can’t help but think that he’s going through some kind of Stockholm Syndrome thing – Da Ran is the only one he (being so isolated) can really talk to right now.  That seems kind of scary, right?

Anyways, he started to get hurt when he realized that when she looked at these pictures, she would just see Yun Jae, and not Gyeong Jun, and decided to give her a “keepsake” that she would only associate with him.

So as the pervy photographer kept on clicking away, he kissed her, saying that this was from Gyeong Jun, and that she should treasure it since it was Gyeong Jun’s first kiss (so much for Amy the Liar).  Da Ran, of course, got angry, but she also got a nosebleed, so I think it’s a complicated situation.

Da Ran would have waited for Gyeong Jun to leave before telling her family that the wedding was called off, but since Chung Sik was at the shoot, playing the paparazzi for Ma Ri (worth 300 pizzas!) and his mother, he heard them argue about ending things, and started to beat up his (former) brother-in-law.  So Da Ran had to tell her parents everything, leading to her mother’s transformation from silly woman to total gang girl.  I somehow didn’t find it very funny when her sweet mother started to pull her hair, but maybe that’s just me.  Gyeong Jun intervened (though it was touch-and-go with him for a minute – self-preservation runs strong in his blood), and revealed that the real reason they had called off the wedding was because Da Ran had discovered his penchant for frequenting disreputable establishments.  So the Gils are fine with whatever Da Ran chooses to do.

But Yun Jae has parents, too, and we finally got the arrival of the mean mama, summoned to Korea by a dastardly Se Young.  It’s obvious that she favors Se Young and doesn’t approve of Da Ran, and even asked her son to come back to the States with her.  Gyeong Jun pulls the old “I’ve got amnesia” trick (nice to see a character using that device for his benefit), and so he doesn’t have to worry about convincing mama that he’s really her son.

Since Gyeong Jun plans to ask Oz for 12 years’ worth of brains to make up for the body swap deficit, he decides to go to the States to man up, so that when he comes back he can be someone Gil Teacher can proudly marry.  And then he actually goes – mid-drama time leap!  I was surprised, and I hope this had always been planned, and wasn’t just some sloppy storytelling on the part of the Hong Sisters.  I always like stories with a clear vision, but so far this drama is just so ramshackle, that I don’t really know what to think.  Do the Hong Sisters know what they’re doing anymore?

Maybe a different actor could have made the “big” Gyeong Jun work, but so far Gong Yoo has kind of ruined Gyeong Jun for me, especially in the scenes between him and Ma Ri.  They get really cutesy, which I really hate, and it comes across as very creepy.  So in doing a body swap to avoid the creepiness of an older woman opposite a younger man, the Hong Sisters don’t mind introducing the equal creepiness of an ajusshi having inappropriate scenes with a teenage girl?  I resent the double standard in that.  Because when Ma Ri showed up alone at his house, while he was still wearing those gross shorts, that was just kind of skanky, you know?

She’s also starting to “fall” for Yun Jae, since all of those Gyeong Jun-isms of his are starting to get to her.  Ma Ri has also been a disappointing character, as has Suzy.  You know, maybe no actor could have made this weak script work, so whatever.  So far only Shin has been doing a consistently good job, and he’s in a coma.

And so in the present, Da Ran has passed her exam and “gets” to attend weddings as a guest and not a delivery girl/crasher.  What a bad message from the drama.  I don’t think the two guys have switched back, and I don’t think that Gyeong Jun has “changed” so much that Gong Yoo will stop acting like a monkey-spaz.  I wonder if this leap will help the story at all, but I’ve kind of lost hope that this drama will recover.  So far, the best thing in it is Chung Sik, and the last drama that had Baek Sung Hyun in it as the one bright spot was Accidental Couple, which I kind of hated.  This doesn’t put Big in very good company.

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