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What’s Big like one year later?  It’s a lot of the same, as Da Ran is still working to “get over” Yun Jae, Gyeong Jun still can’t get his body back, and the whole script just seems like a mess.  I get that they’re trying to go for this whole déjà vu thing to show just how much has changed, but you know what they say – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Gyeong Jun is trying with all of his might to present a completely different and upgraded version of himself to Gil Teacher, so that he might win her over this time.  Um, maybe you could start by not calling her “Gil Teacher,” or “Teacher” – you know, just make no reference whatsoever to the fact that at one point she was your high school teacher.  To that end, he shows up at a mutual friend’s wedding, to replicate how Da Ran and Yun Jae met for the first time.  He tries his hand at being “cool,” and only succeeds in confusing Da Ran for a little bit.  Once she figures out that it’s all Gyeong Jun in there, she’s excited to see him, and chides him for not keeping in touch, all the while forgetting that all of their friends are watching these two exes canoodle at a wedding.

Since Gyeong Jun’s big plan is to get Da Ran to marry him, so that his mom can’t force him to marry Se Young, he publicly woos her, and tries to make her look as good as possible in front of other people, so that when she takes him back (he assumes it’s a done deal – ah, the arrogance of youth), she won’t look so pathetic.  So he still does all that he can to help her save face – he didn’t need to go away to learn how to do that.  I also think that sabotaging Teacher Na’s Da Ran Courtship was also something natural to him.  I don’t feel for Teacher Na, since I hate those characters who think that to woo the parents is to woo the girl or guy.  So Gyeong Jun tells her that he can only be with her, since she is the only one who can really understand him, being the only one in on the little secret.  I guess the drama is using this body swap thing as a kooky stand-in for how your soulmate is the only one who really knows the real you, the one inside; but I still see in Gyeong Jun a semi-brainwashed boy who is dependant on Gil Teacher – how romantic is that?

I guess the only real problem for Da Ran is how she doesn’t want to see Yun Jae’s face anymore, since she worries she’ll fall for him all over again.  Ok, that’s just shallow, since Yun Jae is nowhere to be found in there.  But she’s the heroine, so she eventually agrees to help Gyeong Jun stave off brides, and keep his property – and I think she’s starting to like him, too.  She actually kicked Se Young out of his house, telling herself that she has to protect the innocent Gyeong Jun.  But this probably just shows that when it counts, she’ll fight to protect who she really cares about.  She has also become very territorial with Gyeong Jun in public, preventing girls from hitting on him and stuff.  She’s recognizing some of Gyeong Jun’s classroom mannerisms, which should be cute since it means she remembers those small details about him, but is mostly creepy since he was her student.  Anyways, she doesn’t have long to go now.

The 19-year-old Gyeong Jun tries to control his temper a bit more, and Gong Yoo is at least attempting to tone down his kindergarten behavior from the first few episodes.  This is more like the Gyeong Jun from the beginning, but it’s still not enough to salvage this character or drama.  No matter what crash course in life he took, he’s still a kid, and it’s still so creepy that he’s trying to marry his teacher.  Also, which should I be more worried about: that this “doctor” is really 19 and has had only one year of cramming, or that he can’t stand the sight of blood?  And it looks like Gyeong Jun has let Yun Jae’s body go to seed – no more gratuitous shots of Gong Yoo.  Or is that kind of exploitation so episodes 1-5/last year?

And the other big drama of the episode was a race between the second girls to see which of them would find out the truth about the body swap first.  Se Young got a huge hint from Da Ran, who basically told her that Yun Jaw was really a 19-year-old kid, plus Se Young is actually Gyeong Jun’s body’s doctor, but she’s still only at that furrowed brow, do-I-smell-something face stage of understanding.  Though to be fair, she’s on the road to accepting this strange turn of events much more quickly than Da Ran was, so maybe Se Young’s the type who does believe in fairies after all.

While Se Young was busy being confused and wearing short skirts that scandalized Da Ran (pot calling the kettle black, much?), Ma Ri took matters into her own hands.  She’s still close with Chung Sik, and he gives her a lot of inside information as he continues to be her lackey (how did he not pay off 300 pizzas already when she deducts them with every other sentence?).

I can’t really imagine that he would still like her after being emasculated like that, but who knows how the Gils choose to express their love?  He told her that after his debt had been repaid, he had something to tell her, and what else can it be but a confession?   Also, haven’t they already been going out for over a year now?  Ma Ri seems to frequent the mandu restaurant quite often, so it’s almost like they consider her family already.

And Ma Ri’s suspicions about “Yun Jae” went into overdrive when something got in her eye, and she actually saw Gyeong Jun.  Does Ma Ri have the Sight?  Anyways, she went to Gyeong Jun’s house to confirm her theory, not being above breaking (literally) and entering.  She was so hardcore that she didn’t even care that she got cut.  And she was rewarded for her law-breaking – she figured out that Gyeong Jun is in the ajusshi’s body, and tearfully embraced him as Da Ran watched on.  So she beat Se Young to the truth – the weird teenager will always win that one, I guess.

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