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I think this drama keeps trying to skirt around the issue of Da Ran as a Mrs. Robinson-type, but to no avail.  Because she’s starting to like her little nursling, and it’s so creepy.  And this isn’t personal – I mean, I really liked Baby-faced Beauty, but it nearly lost me with that nuna thing, and there weren’t even any students in sight.  Anyways, we’re gearing up for maximum discomfort since Da Ran’s agreed to tell people that they’re together in order to “help” him out, and in exchange, he’s agreed to act like a jerk so that she’ll be in no danger of falling back in love with Yun Jae.  So I guess we’re still going to have the do-you-love-me-for-me-or-my-body angst – I thought we got over that once Gong Yoo stopped being exploited.

Anyways, Gyeong Jun is either very dumb, or very sly, since he should know that being a jerk in a drama is the surefire way to get love beams directed your way.  So when he makes her clean up alone, he’s already gotten to, like, first base with her.  He also doesn’t mind acting like himself now, and I just won’t think about what it means that Da Ran doesn’t start falling for him, really, until he acts like the immature teen that he is.  He whines for some bread, but she’s determined to feed him healthy organic fare, until he points out that this means she’ll have to cook for him everyday.  So off they go to the supermarket to load up on processed foods.  Supermarket dates are like second base in dramas.  And he can’t even keep up his jerk act for very long, since he – shocking! – carries all of the groceries home, except for the watermelon, which Da Ran can bring (very Dirty Dancing).

And it turns out that Gyeong Jun is a mini iron chef who knows how to cook very well, thanks to his mom who ran a popular restaurant in LA.  What’s up with this sudden restaurant theme?  I know Da Ran’s parents have their mandu joint, but apparently so does everyone connected to Gyeong Jun, including his uncle, who randomly used to love Da Ran’s mom when he was a high school delinquent, and she was a “demure” school girl (I don’t see the point of this).  If they marry, will they form some kind of restaurant conglomerate?  But now we see that those frozen pizzas from earlier were just a sign of his depression.

And I don’t know what the drama is thinking, but the way it chose to broach the topic was probably one of the creepiest ways possible.  As Gyeong Jun was cooking a fancy dinner for Gil Teacher (I have to agree with Da Ran on this one – it just looked like a baked chicken), they started talking about how little the chicken was before it was cooked and ready to be enjoyed, and it was soon obvious that they weren’t talking about the chicken at all.  They might as well have said outright that Gyeong Jun is a spring chicken that Da Ran wants to gobble up, because that’s basically what I got from the exchange.  Disgusting.

The Hong Sisters always give their leading men twee ticks, and Gyeong Jun’s is his aversion to blood.  This is better than Hwang Tae Kyung’s shrimp allergy (since even I can remember that one, his mom should really be ashamed of herself) or his night blindness, especially since the cause is the trauma of seeing his mom gunned down in front of him (very Fredo and Vito, only Gyeong Jun would never be like Fredo).  But now this fear is being used as the first sign of Da Ran’s growing love for Gyeong Jun.  Since he can’t even stand the sight of red meat, Da Ran finally stood up to Yun Jae’s mother, just to protect Gyeong Jun from a hunk of bloody steak.  That’s love – he’d better watch out for those love beams coming his way.

They had met so that Yun Jae’s mom could get the message to back off, leading to more memories about the first time Da Ran and Yun Jae met with his mom.  I’m sure Da Ran made more of an impression this time when she slammed the lid on the plate, and generally made a huge scene.  Gyeong Jun also lied, saying that Da Ran didn’t want the mom coming over at all, which is probably true, but so gauche to say.  And Da ran was rewarded for her rudeness by having Gyeong Jun get all up in her space at the restaurant, half because he wanted to, and half because his mom was watching.  Da Ran obviously felt something, but she’s also at that annoying stage of not knowing that it’s love.

I’m still having big problems with Jang Ma Ri, since she also introduces mondo ickiness to the story.  She’s totally fine when she’s hanging out with Chung Sik (who deserves a better girl, and a better storyline), since they do fun things like go to shamans to try and switch souls back.  Poor Chung Sik – actually wanting to be in pizza debt so that Ma Ri won’t ignore him anymore.

I appreciated the shaman cameo from the Jung Soo Young, who played the unusual Kang Ja in Couple in Trouble, mostly because it made me remember a Hong Sisters drama which I had really liked.  I swear they weren’t all like this.  I kind of wish the magic charm Ma Ri gave to Da Ran hadn’t been just a joke – I wouldn’t mind if this drama took a dark turn into the spirit world, since at least then it might become interesting.

It’s Ma Ri’s interactions with Gyeong Jun that are seriously making me almost gag.  I know it’s a teen in there, but it’s still Gong Yoo’s body, so when Ma Ri kisses him to try and work a fairytale cure, it just looks like he’s breaking the law.  There’s really not much funny about that.  Just like there’s nothing funny about Ma Ri begging to move into Gyeong Jun’s house with him, or asking him to pretend to be her uncle.  And when she fainted after learning the truth, and Gyeong Jun had to carry her to his bed, didn’t Da Ran just look like a perv for watching?  And what a wasted opportunity – Ma Ri and Gyeong Jun could have switched when she was passed out.

Grossness aside, it must be nice for Gyeong Jun to have someone else to talk to, and we see that he and Ma Ri are actually pretty close.  You get the impression that he wouldn’t have minded joining her family, and would have been a pretty nice brother, all things considered.  But let’s hold off on their intimate scenes until after the reverse swap happens, ok?

So far it looks like there might never be a reverse swap, as Da Ran and Gyeong Jun prepare for their wedding.  Gyeong Jun found a diamond ring Yun Jae had bought, and was devastated once he found out it was for Da Ran (having first tried it on a very game Se Young, who has nothing to do in this drama).  Well, they were getting married, so why wouldn’t he have a ring?  I know that Da Ran was worried about the whole cold feet thing, but still.  And now that Da Ran’s disapproving parents know that “Yun Jae” is in her life again, she has to marry him or never see him again.  Since she can’t give up on her spring chicken, marriage it is.

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