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Da Ran has vowed to stop being so insecure and lame, and for the drama’s sake, I hope she sticks by this resolution.  Because you can’t agree to marry a teenager, and then be really lame about it.  And agree to the marriage she does, after a bit of soul-searching (her own soul, that is), and even though I thought they had settled this issue at the end of the last episode.  Her qualms were the same as any other person deciding whether to get married – does Yun Jae love her, or not?  From the boring way in which Da Ran dealt with this problem, you wouldn’t even know that she was grappling with the added issue of soul swaps.  I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Da Ran didn’t just look inside her own heart to find the answer to Gyeong Jun’s proposal, she also consulted outside experts, and to that end she asked to see Se Young quite a number of times.  Se Young must be very bored to agree to meet with Da Ran so often, or else she just can’t resist the opportunity to mess with her fair rival.

I feel that Jang Hee Jin is wasted here, and we only got a taste of what she can do during the cafe scenes in which she screws around with Da Ran.  I like how she’s totally upfront, saying that she doesn’t want things to work out for Da Ran, but she’s also not above completely lying, as she does when she tells Da Ran that she and Yun Jae have slept together.  At this point, when she feels she’s lost, can you really begrudge her this comfort?  I know I can’t.  And she seems so content as she chips away at Da Ran’s confidence that you can’t really hold it against her.

Even though Se Young sounded mean, I think that Ma Ri has emerged as the truly wicked second girl, the kind who puts our heroine in danger.  I know the drama is just trying to write her misdeeds off as the careless actions of a bratty teen, but I’m not as indulgent.  She was downright cruel to the poor Chung Sik, telling him that her feelings for him were a zero, even after she made him distract the evil spirits for her.  And then Chung Sik was further humiliated by his mother in front of Ma Ri, when mama cleared out the questionable contents of his room, and put them out for everyone to see, just as he was having a touching moment with his lady-love.  What else could he do but take his red piggy bank and run away?  I should find it creepy that this seems to be Chung Sik’s MO, even as a teen, but it’s too poignant for me to judge so harshly.  I guess Gyeong Jun really is more mature for his age.

So two rescue teams move out to locate our hapless runaway, Teacher Na in a team of his own, and Gyeong Jun, Da Ran, Ma Ri, and Chung Sik’s two other best friends on the other.  Teacher Na made a good showing, I think, by putting his gym skills to use in an empty playground (I should look down on him for going to a playground first, but this is Chung Sik we’re talking about, so Teacher Na was probably spot on), but this was useless compared to Ma Ri’s network.  She found Chung Sik at a sauna, but she was so upset that Da Ran was with Gyeong Jun that she pulled a nasty trick.

She sent Da Ran off to the Seoul Station underpass (has she been watching Women in the Sun?), while she planned to have sauna fun with Gyeong Jun.  At first I was horrified that Gyeong Jun would have let Gil Teacher go by herself, but it turned out that he thought she was going to a sauna near the station, so all is forgiven.  Off he and Chung Sik go to save their nuna (see how creepy that is?), and he is rightfully pissy with Ma Ri for this little trick.  I would have been a lot more than pissy, but whatever.  Finding Chung Sik put “Yun Jae” back in the Gil Family’s good graces, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

Since Da Ran is the heroine and a teacher, she actually comforted Ma Ri, and heard Gyeong Jun’s traumatic story about living in LA.  He and Ma Ri were united in their desire to prevent a marriage between their parents, and to that end they prevented his mother from seeing her father, and that was the night two thugs gunned her down (that looked like a set-up to me).  It makes me wonder what would have happened if you had plopped Ma Ri into Love Rain, and seen what she would have done in Ha Na’s place.

Anyways, of course Da Ran’s heart melts at this, and she goes and hugs Gyeong Jun, telling him that it wasn’t his fault.  This, coupled with their little rain-making date earlier (what a waste of water), really should clue both of them in to their true feelings.  I mean, Da Ran lost her ring, and she didn’t even really care.  Wake up, Gyeong Jun!  No, please, wake up, and see if you can help salvage this drama.

And you know what, Gyeong Jun seems about to wake up any minute now!  Da Ran and Gyeong Jun got married kind of suddenly (totally denying us scenes of their sham wedding, complete with Ma Ri hellbent on upstaging the bride, and the Chung Sik Trio singing an inappropriate song for Da Ran), and went on their honeymoon.

Well, Da Ran planned to go to China, leaving Gyeong Jun behind like a pet, which might be a valid honeymoon to some couples.  If only Gyeong Jun hadn’t been so prideful, he would have discovered early on that Da Ran wanted to go with him, but felt that she couldn’t really ask.  As it was, she left behind her passport, and Gyeong Jun was in no hurry to return them, so no China for her.

But she still got a pretty good wedding present as Gyeong Jun started to shift bodies (very Amy and her mom from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  Did Yun Jae slip back in as well, or is he just gone?  We’re halfway through the drama, so now seems as good a time as any to switch back.  And to find out why Yun Jae’s dad is looking for Gyeong Jun (who is probably his son).  And is that miracle angel picture just an illustration of paying it forward?  This episode felt a little more like a return to form, but I’m going to be cautious, and wait and see where the Hong Sisters take us next.

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