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Our main couple finally declared themselves, and while normally this is a cause for celebration, and I am happy for the long-suffering Gyeong Jun, in the Big context, I’m just feeling a little uncomfortable.  I’m still trying to figure out why this pairing makes me want to gag slightly, since I don’t have a blanket prejudice against the whole teacher-student genre of dramas and manga (at least I don’t think I do).  Da Ran’s heart-to-heart with her dad suggested that this teacher-student proclivity was genetic, so maybe I should just look at Da Ran’s love as a rare medical condition.

I think Da Ran was ready to run to Gyeong Jun from the very beginning of the episode, but the drama obviously thought that it would be cooler to stretch it out till the very end.  So we still got some standard miscommunication between the main couple, with Da Ran throwing everything out that reminded her of how great Gyeong Jun is, and Gyeong Jun getting pissed off over it.

I find it very alarming over how everyone in this drama loves rooting through the trash, and then not washing their hands afterwards (please don’t try this at home, kids!).  But I guess there are no germs in the quest for love!  Da Ran starts to feel guilty over having given Gyeong Jun nothing during their time together, and she totally has a point.  Everyone just takes-takes-takes from poor Gyeong Jun, with little going his way.  How is that paying anything forward?

Gyeong Jun offered/threatened to run off with Da Ran if she kept crying because of Yun Jae’s mom and general adult angst, and this created the bulk of the episode’s conflict.  Any time Da Ran was about to get upset or mopey, he would remind her that if she took off her ring, he would take that as a sign to whisk her away.  This might have been more dramatic if Da Ran hadn’t looked like the only thing keeping the ring on her finger was the knowledge that she had an hour left in this episode.

Still, her family felt it incumbent upon them to reconcile these “fighting” newlyweds, and so abandoned them at a camping site, while they drove off, happy as can be.  I, too, wanted to go with them, since the Gil family is having the most fun in this drama (how close-knit they are!), but no, we stayed with Da Ran and Gyeong Jun as they enjoyed a weird picnic-camping hybrid trip.  They each “flirted” with other people – Da Ran asked an old classmate for a job far, far away, while Gyeong Jun helped some girls pitch their tent (and that’s literal – no innuendo in that) – but returned to each other at the end.

Which was a good thing, since Gyeong Jun had another out-of-body experience, leaving him feeling really sick once more.  This bodily weakness led to a heartfelt confession in their open tent (that’s sick), with Gyeong Jun pouring out his little soul to a “sleeping” Da Ran.  His monologue was so moving that they each cried, and I thought Da Ran was a little heartless for pretending to stay asleep.

This wasn’t the only body swap in the episode.  Ma Ri was about to meet Gyeong Jun’s father (who is so sketchy that he has a blocked number), when Gyeong Jun had an episode, leading his father to ignore Ma Ri and tend to his son.  We find out that Yun Jae’s body is sick again, and needs another boost from that anonymous donor from before.  How handy, then, that Gyeong Jun is in a coma and can’t say anything.

Seriously, this whole storyline is a freak show, and I really wonder why the drama chose to go there, especially since it makes Gyeong Jun extra pathetic.  There was really no other way to explain a body swap?  It’s already a crazy thing, so it’s not really necessary to have something that has a basis in reality.  And definitely not something that’s based on a cautionary tale against stem cell research.  Way to get topical now, Hong Sisters.

But Gyeong Jun’s deteriorating body was so not the point of the episode – it was the build-up to Da Ran’s whole “I love Josh” moment.  Even Yun Jae’s mom and Se Young (I’m disappointed that she willingly chose to stay involved in this family’s business) get what’s going on, as they met to compare notes about the increasing weirdness of Da Ran.  They each suspect that Da Ran is actually cheating on Yun Jae, and I have to wonder whether she has gone up in their opinion.

Se Young totally stalked Da Ran, first seeing her buy her “boyfriend” a present, a watch engraved with the initials “KKJ” (it’s like she’s pinning him with her ID bracelet, right?), and then waiting for someone at a coffee shop.  Where she takes her ring off and looks so excited.  Ever the morally rigid one, Se Young hurries to tattle to Yun Jae, not knowing that this is what he’s been waiting to hear for a long time.  He is elated to finally get the green light, and runs off to claim Da Ran for his own.

It would have been nice if they hadn’t needed the interference of Se Young, who probably thinks that Yun Jae is a little deviant since he was so happy to hear the news about his cheating wife, but this hasn’t been the most well plotted drama to begin with, so whatever.  So now Gyeong Jun is a year older, and he has his lady-love by his side.  Where will they go from here?