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It’s 10:10, and you know what that means – Big just got a whole lot worse.  This was the episode which made me officially hate this drama – it was that bad.  I can’t stand how the drama is still trying to be “cute” after it’s been so awful, for so long – don’t try to act all respectable now!  I think the main problems are the bad cast, and the even worse script – I’m starting to think that the Hong Sisters switched bodies with bad screenwriters.  Or something.

Da Ran is supposed to be all conflicted about liking this kid, but the actress is just not managing to convey any kind of inner turmoil or moral conflict, so this whole arc about Da Ran embracing Gyeong Jun is just coming off as deeply disturbing.  If society didn’t care about their age difference, would she?  I can only take excessive cutesiness in grown-ups in small doses and controlled situations, and Big is really testing my limits by being so gross.

Gyeong Jun did this whole hypnosis thing, and I was hoping that he would magically transform Da Ran into a more compelling character, but no, he just wanted her to think of him every time it was 10:10.  I totally blame him for the subsequent terrible scenes involving people with their arms at 10:10 – so not funny.  I do not need to see Da Ran or Gyeong Jun walking around with their arms in the air like they’ve just stuck a landing.  But the clock thing is pretty apt, since it tells me that this drama’s days are thankfully numbered.

With all of this crappiness (too vulgar?), it made sense that Da Ran and Gyeong Jun ended up in jail – finally, someone has the right idea!  Unfortunately it wasn’t because they are the leads in such a bad drama, but because the Gil family “found out” that Da Ran is having an affair, and decided to do the right thing and have one of her father’s old students arrest her.  Isn’t it heartwarming to see a father throw his daughter in prison because he feels she’s disgraced the family name?  Instead of using this time to reflect on their misdeeds, Gyeong Jun and Da Ran just had some more lovey-dovey times.  Whatever – I’m over it right now.

Even though Se Young had started out as the pretty awful homewrecker type, Ma Ri emerged in this episode as the villainess ex machina.  She found out that Yun Jae and Gyeong Jun were brothers, and decided to use this knowledge to keep Da Ran and Gyeong Jun apart after seeing them get so close.  It’s a really sloppy drama that needs an outsized villain like this, one who does nonsensical things and runs like a bear.

She set up an awkward meeting between Da Ran and her father-in-law, and then told Gyeong Jun that Gil Teacher had known his birth secret all along, and just wants him to save Yun Jae with his blood (is that really all that they need?).  Wow, is this drama really going to try and make Gyeong Jun seem like the bad guy because he doesn’t want to help out the insane family which created him for the sole purpose of harvesting all of his best parts?  Would anyone blame Gyeong Jun for running away and never coming back?

At first I started to get angry with all of the lies Ma Ri told which served to create horrible misunderstandings between Gyeong Jun and Da Ran, but then I realized I didn’t really care.  If Da Ran and Gyeong Jun are so stupid as to get played by the pipsqueak Ma Ri, just because they don’t see her as a legitimate threat, then that’s their problem.  Though I wonder why Suzy took on this villan role when it’s making her really unlikable.  And though I hate jerky first guys, I guess I hate insecure, ultra vulnerable, and psychologically damaged first guys like Gyeong Jun even more.  Why did the Hong Sisters make their leading man so pathetic like this?  In fact, why did they even make this drama at all?

Someone has to get Jang Hee Jin a better drama.  So far she seems to be specializing in being the best thing in train wrecks, and while that might ensure a long-lasting career, I think she could improve upon that MO.  I’m hoping she’s better in the campus drama What’s Up, especially since there are other stronger actors in that one (like Im Joo Hwan).  She’s obviously in her own drama right now, and it seems much more interesting than the one featuring Da Ran.  Se Young could totally become, like, a detective, investigating morally ambiguous families.  Yun Jae’s mother actually asked her to mess with Gyeong Jun’s inert body, without the consent of his guardian, and I like to think that even if Gyeong Jun hadn’t had a little switcheroo just then, Se Young wouldn’t have gone through with it.  Because that’s really wrong and messed up.

The same goes for Baek Sung Hyun, though with him I wonder if it wouldn’t be better just to stick to character actor roles.  The Gil family, in general, still stands out in this awful drama, especially Da Ran’s mom, who is also in another drama about meeting old first loves.  Gyeong Jun’s uncle is having more fun than anyone else, I think, as he humiliates himself, all in his quest to get back his high school love.  Now we know that dressing up in your old school clothes is not the best way to jog your first love’s memory – but it will get you a few bucks as she tries to get the crazy person out of her restaurant.  You can tell what a bad drama this is when the pointless ahjumma and ahjussi storyline is wiping the floor with the main couple.

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