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You know, this episode, which was like Big: The Makjang Edition, wasn’t even that bad.  My expectations have been significantly lowered, so maybe that’s why I was able to keep my disgust to a minimum in this hour.  It technically was the angst episode, the type I usually hate in a normal drama, but since Big is so topsy-turvy, I guess it makes sense that this one would be better than the earlier “fun” episodes.

This episode featured a very angry Gyeong Jun, and he was totally justified in his sullen teen behavior since he found out a whole host of awful things.  For not only was Gyeong Jun brought to life just to save Yun Jae, he is also somehow Yun Jae’s (fraternal) twin.  I can’t think why they would introduce this extra icky plot point unless the drama is planning on having Gyeong Jun somehow morph into Yun Jae in the near future.  Or they think Da Ran deserves someone Gong Yoo-shaped, no matter what.  Gyeong Jun also learned that his mother (the chef one) was kind of tricked into doing this bizarre thing by the Seos, who played on her love for Yun Jae’s dad.  So if Gyeong Jun wants to drink his troubles away, and then take this body and split, then I say he’s welcome to all of it.

But this was when Da Ran had to step in and be the goody-goody voice of reason.  She’s totally on Gyeong Jun’s side, but she still thinks he should help out his brother.  She’s also convinced that she understands the switcheroo mechanism perfectly, confidently telling everyone that once Yun Jae gets the necessary surgery, Gyeong Jun will wake up.  I don’t know what is more alarming, that Da Ran has so much faith in herself, or that Yun Jae’s mom totally believes her, too.  The Hong Sisters injected even more weird science into the Seo family, and while I wouldn’t get all of my scientific knowledge from this show, I guess it makes sense for plot purposes.  I still think that if you’re doing a show about body swapping, you don’t really have to try and anchor it in reality at all, but whatever.

Da Ran had to keep up the I-like-Yun Jae-more charade in this episode, but I found myself not minding her standoffishness with Gyeong Jun at all.  Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long, as she found that she needed to be really sincere in order to prevent Gyeong Jun from running away with Yun Jae’s body.  He had told her that if she’s really sincere, he would listen to her, so she stopped playing along with Ma Ri’s little idiotic game and told him the truth – that she loved him, and would be sad for the rest of her life by letting him go.  Also, that his mom totally didn’t care about being “tricked,” and in fact was the author of the Miracle book, which she hoped would let Gyeong Jun know about his family when he got older.  I wonder at his mother, but if she was ok with this whole setup, then I guess Gyeong Jun won’t be far behind.

But there will be one last piece of drama: it might happen that when Gyeong Jun wakes up, he won’t remember anything that has happened since the accident.  I know we’re not supposed to think that he’s lucky for getting to skip this entire drama, since this means that he’ll forget all about falling in love with Da Ran, but I can’t help but envy him a little.  So he starts to mourn for what he might lose, and tells Da Ran to go back to Yun Jae after they switch.  Which they might have done at the very end of the episode.  This might have been more shocking if we hadn’t had a bunch of fake-outs in previous episodes.  Only two more to go!

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