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I can’t tell you how happy I am that Big is finally over!  I was so jazzed over this nightmare finally ending that I barely noticed if this was a bad ending, or a bad episode in general.  The ending made about as much sense as this entire drama, so I can at least give credit to the Hong Sisters for being consistent till the very end.

Following Da Ran’s inappropriate announcement in a public forum, the two lovebirds took off, Gyeong Jun crying tears of joy, which the others interpreted as tears of betrayal.  I’m interested in the betrayal version of the story, but no, the better (or is it worse?) part of the hour then became a series of uncomfortable and cringeworthy moments, during which Da Ran and Gyeong Jun rehashed their entire relationship, with many creepy smiles and love beams along the way.  I get that they only have so much time left, and should do whatever they want, but why do we have to watch that?  Why did the camera have to focus so steadily on every gross moment between them?  It was a relief when Da Ran had to keep up the ruse that she was leaving Yun Jae, and went back home to get it from her parents.

Da Ran’s family is understandably upset with her, but they didn’t get violent this time –  they just cried or prevented her from leaving the house.  Well, mostly her mom cried, calling her husband “teacher” in her despair, which was really disturbing, and seems to foreshadow Da Ran’s relationship with Gyeong Jun in the future.  There was another upside to this forced separation (other than not having Gyeong Jun and Da Ran in the same place), and that was seeing Da Ran’s best scene in the entire drama.

Gyeong Jun was waiting for her outside her window, and since Da Ran didn’t want to leave him hanging any longer, she jumped out when he wasn’t looking, landing in a heap on the ground.  This was one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen, and I don’t know how long it will take for me to get the image of Da Ran slumped on the ground out of my mind.  This should have been played for more laughs, but the drama decided to make it semi-dramatic and touching.  Big doesn’t even know how to work with what it’s got.

Gyeong Jun and Da Ran were happy to act like teens, sneaking out of homes and such, but Ma Ri made things even weirder by stealing Gyeong Jun’s body.  We got kind of a chase scene, complete with hired thugs, until she just stopped, maybe realizing that she wasn’t in the right type of drama for this.  She did manage to mess with the couple one last time, though, even without crazy kidnapping schemes.  She told both of them that they were disregarding Yun Jae’s feelings, whatever they might be, and she also managed to make Da Ran waste a lot of mandu by pretending to have left the ring in there.  I kind of hate Ma Ri, for wasting food and being so unsanitary like that, alone.

But she seemed to make some kind of impression on them, since they agreed to take a year off to let Yun Jae deal with things.  Da Ran promises to remember everything that happened, so that when they meet again, she’ll pester him until he falls in love with her all over again.  She has a pretty good chance of making that happen, since he let slip that he had switched umbrellas on purpose, having pretty much fallen in love with her at first sight.  If teenage Gyeong Jun did, why not barely legal Gyeong Jun?  Is this obligatory time apart better because they agreed to it beforehand, or lamer?  Discuss.

And then we got another time leap, one whole year again.  If I had been more invested in this drama, I would have been livid over how we didn’t even get to see the actual switcheroo happen.  I doubt it was outside this drama’s budget to have some kind of fuzzily lighted scene, with maybe shimmering sparkles, so I can’t imagine why they decided to have Gyeong Jun return to his body offscreen.  Now I can never be sure whether he did, right?  Maybe this drama figured that a million fake-outs equaled one real scene.  Anyways, we see Da Ran at her new school in the boonies, pen-paling with Ma Ri, who tells her that Gyeong Jun and Yun Jae remember nothing, and that Gyeong Jun doesn’t ask about her at all.  We don’t know if we can believe this, since before switching Gyeong Jun had told her to leave him, and she had complied.

It looks like Ma Ri + One Year is more well-adjusted than before, starting a promising photography career, and meeting up with Chung Sik again, who has started to work at the mandu restaurant.  I like him taking over the family business (though would you trust him with sharp knives?), but I still feel that his ending was one of the saddest in the drama, since he is still completely devoted to this worthless girl.  How can he pretend to be so good to his nuna when he dotes on a girl who messed with her so much?  The lameness of Big completely destroyed any goodwill I had towards Baek Sung Hyun, so I have no desire to see him in another drama, not matter how much of a bright spot he was in this one.

And Da Ran ended the series on another bus, but with the same umbrella from the first episode, which she had stolen from a homeless man (I know it was hers to begin with, but still – bad form).  She was happily dreaming of Gyeong Jun, it being his birthday, and got off the bus, only to hear him call her name.  And then the real miracle of the drama occurred: it took Gyeong Jun only one year to become Gong Yoo, and now there is nothing inappropriate-looking about our main couple.  Gyeong Jun tries to mode Gil Teacher for being so excited to see him, but she knows that he’s “hitting on her,” so she runs after him, ready to go back to 10:10, and pick up where they had left off.  The end.

Let’s just take a moment to deal with all of the lameness here, and then erase this drama from our minds.  I don’t know why the episode only left, like, 5 minutes for the drama’s resolution, yet lavished way too much time on creepy Da Ran-Gyeong Jun moments.  There are some obvious questions – like, what the hell is Yun Jae thinking?  Did he never love her, or was he willing to give her up for his little brother?

I’ve got more: Was he actually a clone with no personality or emotions, so it doesn’t really matter what happens to him?  How would Gyeong Jun and Da Ran get married, when those resulting family get-togethers would be so sick and awkward?  Will Yun Jae never marry, or will Se Young actually willingly enter this crazy family of creative breeders, and become in-laws with Da Ran?  Who knows, if Ma Ri had only met Gyeong Jun sooner, she might have asked his mother if there was an extra baby lying around for her to claim, too.

There were so many problems with this drama, but the main, glaring one was the awful, awful script – with no baby corn in sight.  I have completely lost faith in the Hong Sisters, and think that their early work was copied from more able writers, or just the result of dumb luck which ran out after Hong Gil Dong.  I had been dying to see Best Love, but Big was so traumatic that it’s gone way down on my list.  And since they’re sisters, I can’t help but start to wonder whether they are also weirdly spaced apart twins like the Seo brothers.

This drama was just so sloppy, and such a complete mess from beginning to end.  Did they originally want to do a weird science makjang, but then got seduced by a high school student, and then went insane?  I know that part of the reason I ended up hating this drama so much was because of the high expectations I initially had coming into it, but even without that, the shoddy plot would still have made this a drama I hated.  I rarely hate dramas, but Big will now join the fine company of titles such as Ruler of Your Own World and 18 v. 29.  What a world, what a world.

The acting was also a problem, especially Lee Min Jung, who was supposed to carry the damn thing.  Was she uncomfortable with the character, or just too busy thinking of Lee Byung Heon?  Suzy was neck and neck with her for Worst Female of the Drama, but since Suzy was just a supporting player, she gets a pass.  I still hate her, and think it was a complete mistake to take this role, and might never want to see her in another drama again, but she wasn’t the Worst Female in the Drama.  I’ll give her that.

Gong Yoo gets another pass, since I always care more about the heroine, so even if he’s not funny, whatever.  I think the acting MVP of the series was Shin Won Ho, especially that scene when he was lying down, or that other scene when he was lying down and twitched.  Why didn’t they at least use Shin for those later scenes, instead of doing that confusing cut and paste of Gong Yoo?  Is his asking price higher than Gong Yoo’s?  Or what?  Or did the drama finally realize at the very end that Lee Min Jung and Shin looked really wrong together?

Over the course of watching this drama, I fantasized about waking up one day, having no memory of having watched Big.  But then I might have made the mistake of watching it again, which would have been terrible.  Though I have a feeling that something in my heart would have remembered how much I had hated it, and I might have stopped really soon.  There’s not really much left to say about Big, other than a few guttural noises of disgust.  Ugh, it was so bad!  Stupid.  Red sun.

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