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I hate this part – those moments in stories about masked vigilantes when the hero doesn’t know that his arch nemesis knows his secret, and just walks around like a fool.  Because that’s exactly what Gang To did in this painful episode – he went about his Gyeongseong business like a fool as Shunji watched, waiting for the perfect moment to take him down.  I guess Shunji’s theatrical in his own way.  Not dress up in pajamas and a mask-theatrical, but more like, bide his time until he can take down his best friend in the most dramatic way possible-theatrical.

In accordance with this plan, Shunji prevents the bloodthirsty Ginpei from finishing Gang To off (it looks like Ginpei recognized him, but we can’t be sure since Ginpei only has two facial expressions – crazed and bloodthirsty).  Shunji then goes to report his successful school project to President Ueno, and discovers that Rara is not who she seems.  She’s not even Japanese, which shocks him to no end.  How sincere was he being when he freaked out over having asked the president to kill her?  He claims that he didn’t think it was even a possibility when he asked, but who can know what lies in Shunji’s heart?

Anyways, Rie probably isn’t planning on sticking with the Kishokai that much longer since her heart just isn’t in it.  She had one of the saddest moments in this almost uniformly depressing drama when she went to meet with Mok Dan, and offered her money and passports so that she could run away with Gang To.  I think this was a huge thing to do, but Mok Dan took it the wrong way.  She was totally offended that this Rara would even suggest running away when the Joseon people were still suffering so much.

I think Rara was being completely nice and sincere, so it was too bad Mok Dan just got all huffy.  How could Rara have known that Gang To was in love with a crazy zealot?  Rara is still so preoccupied with this Gang To business that I don’t even think she realizes how much danger she’s in.  But her faithful bodyguard knows, as evidenced by how ready he was to fight Ginpei when he noticed that President Ueno’s lackey was raring to kill Rara.  It’s comforting to know that Rara has someone completely on her side, though I wonder why Katsuyama’s loyalties lie with her rather than the organization.  Is it love, or something more?

One character who is rivaling Rara for Most Pathetic Person in the Drama is Hae Suk, the usually suave and carefree son of the count, who has recently seen his former way of life completely destroyed – Gang To is AWOL, the newspaper man’s son is thick as thieves with the Kishokai, and so he is all alone.  He’s pretty thick-skinned, though, since he’s still showing up at the Angel Club, even though this place has witnessed him getting knocked out a few times.  This time was no different – it was his unlucky day that he happened upon a pissed off Shunji.

He tried to go back to simpler times when he, Shunji, and Gang To were the It Boys of Gyeongseong, but his reminiscences were put to an end when Shunji punched him and told him that he wasn’t friends with Joseon people.  As if this wasn’t awkward enough, Tasha decided that this was the time to let Minami in on the secret by letting two comrades out of the secret chamber in the back.   I don’t know why the drama is being so hard on him, unless to show what could have happened to Gang To had he not donned the mask and developed an intense love affair with his country.  This drama does not go easy on Joseon people who do nothing for the cause.

I don’t know how much I’m liking this new side of Gang To we’ve been seeing during the Yang Baek powwows.  We’ve seen Gang To in a lot of ugly moments, but these teacher’s pet ones are really testing my tolerance for him.  He is always so eager to put forth his great ideas, and I begin to wonder how he could have kept all of this stuff in for so long.  Maybe if he spent less time thinking of plans that would get Yang Baek to smile at him, and more time looking at Shunji’s deranged face, he would realize that he had a really big problem on his hands.  Doesn’t he wonder why Ginpei didn’t come back to finish him off?  Isn’t that a more important question to ponder than why he was there in the first place?  The Kishokai is all over this town – no duh he would be there.

But I’m inclined to give Gang To a pass today since his head was probably in the clouds as he had a wonderful trolley date with Mok Dan (and because I just realized that was him singing in that song “Judgment Day” – so talented!).  Considering she’s kind of in hiding, and that he’s being tailed by the police, they really do find a lot of time to spend together.  I suppose their secret relationship is a secret no longer since they flaunt their love on the trolley, right in front of Shunji’s spy, and all of the other good townsfolk who need to get around.

Even though Gyeongseong is a Crazy Town right now, these two have managed to have a pretty good relationship.  They have similar interests, and support each other however they can.  I may like Rara better, but I will say that I’m glad that Mok Dan isn’t one of those clingy girlfriends, but instead just lets Gaksital do his thing while she prays for his safety.  In that respect I think she’s much more suited to be a superhero’s girlfriend than Rara.  But then again, I’d say that’s why these kinds of stories are never known for being romantic.

The episode ended with Gang To’s big plan to combat the collection of “volunteer” soldiers for the prolonged war – burning down administrative buildings.  And he tried to inject some of his Gaksital flair into this boring mission by saying that they should create a little chaos.  I was glad that he also took the opportunity to try and throw Shunji off of his scent by having Fake-sitals burn down a few buildings at the same time while he was busy cleaning the Jongno station.

I don’t think he fooled Shunji, but this at least really annoyed him.  So off the imperial officers went to put out the fires, and coming face-to-face with a Gaksital in the process.  I didn’t like how this fake one got his own slow-mo scene – I thought those were reserved for our true hero.  Anyways, the Fake-sital got away, but Shunji landed a decent consolation prize in the form of a slow-moving member of the Dongjin Corps, who had been present to add to the chaos of the activity – my least favorite Joseon person.  Zounds – how will the real Gaksital get out of this one?