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It actually wasn’t that difficult to sit through this episode, the one in which Gang To finally gets tortured.  It was even nice to get it over with, since I had been dreading it for the past few episodes.  And now that everything is out in the open, I hope that Gang To will stop wearing that blindingly white uniform, and get a real haircut.

For some reason, Katsuyama and Ginpei both had off days, since Gaksital and his two new sidekicks/allies managed to beat them and run off with the money.  The fighting hasn’t been that great, but I guess I was foolish for expecting something like Ip Man.  Still, I held my breath as Martial Arts Comrade almost left without the briefcase full of “donations” – so you see that Bridal Mask remains suspenseful until the very end.  The plans of the independence movement aren’t really making sense any more.  See, first they got the money, which they apparently needed to get weapons.  But then it looks like they planned on getting most of their weapons from the police armory, so what is that money going to be used for?  More weapons?  If so, they were just being a little greedy.

Everyone, myself included, thought that Gang To was insane for going back to work the next day.  The comrades had spirited Mok Dan away to the Bridal Cave, away from Shunji’s hug-happy clutches, so what more did he have to do?  But Gang To was determined to push his luck, all for the sake of weapons.  Was anyone really surprised when Shunji greeted him with a beating at the station?  Seeing it from his perspective, I guess there is something particularly shameless about Gang To showing up and meekly handing out papers after just having humiliated Shunji, and stolen a whole bunch of money.  And Shunji didn’t even hear Gang To’s voiceover, in which he tells Shunji to be fooled one more time.

But Shunji isn’t one to be fooled twice.  He guessed that weapons were next on Yang Baek’s Wish List, and so he set a little trap for Gaksital – and his little friends, too.  Shunji took the officers all out to the Angel Club as a morale booster, where the girls were less than thrilled to see them, and Tasha was mourning for Hae Suk (had she loved him, after all, even if just a little bit?).  Gang To has been so out of it that he only just heard about his friend’s suicide, and was rather alarmingly unconcerned with this.  His thoughts instead turned to robbing the armory blind, now that most of the officers were drunk.  Or were they?  After Gang To made a call and left, Shunji stood up, and all of the other officers followed suite – I don’t think anyone had been drunk at all.  Except Tasha.

Gang To should have realized that it was a trap, but even then he probably would have stolen the weapons for the cause.  He’s kind of reckless and a crazy zealot that way.  He made sure the others got away, leaving him alone as Shunji and his boys surrounded him, and he was finally unmasked for all to see.  I don’t know which was worse – Koiso whipping him with glee (Koiso had to tie him up to beat him – there’s a word for people like him: loser), or Old Man Kimura rocking him around the nail box.  If Gang To hadn’t had his self-righteousness or zealotry, I don’t think he could have survived everything he went through.  I wonder why he bothered telling Shunji the truth about everything – how his brother had been the first Gaksital, and how he was glad that he wouldn’t have to be the one to kill Shunji.  We haven’t seen evidence of their love for each other in a while, and this was as painful a time as any to remind everyone that these two guys used to be best friends.

As Gang To was getting tortured and stuffed in meat lockers, in lieu of actual bedding, his comrades were mostly sitting around that same old tailor’s shop (a hidey-hole which has seriously been compromised), not really doing anything.  I see why superheroes usually work alone, since even when they’re supposed to have allies, these people do nothing for them.  At least Mok Dan tried to do something, even if that something was just begging Rie to save Gang To.

How can she think Rie isn’t on Gang To’s side after seeing her face fall once she had heard the news?  Whether it’s just the whole Gang To thing, or something about being a Joseon person, Rie is getting sick of this whole Kishokai business.

She was present at the execution of the count and countess (the body count is really piling up in this drama, isn’t it?), and there was just something about the way she wiped the blood off her face that made me think that she wasn’t feeling this lifestyle anymore.  Am I reading too much into her look of disgust?

I worry about what her creepy father is going to do to her.  I actually think ordering her death would be better than asking her to give him a massage again – so gross.  I don’t know what she’s going to do for the remainder of the series, but I hope that she isn’t the next one to follow Hae Suk’s example.

After what felt like forever, the comrades decided to rescue Gaksital.  Who is he to them?  Their mascot?  The one they always leave behind to get nearly killed?  It was poignant seeing Damsari volunteer to rescue him, only to be shot down by the Lady Comrade, who just wanted elite people for the mission.  Ouch, that had to hurt.  What’s the deal with her?  Does she have something going on with Martial Arts Comrade?

Anyways, they made breaking into the station look easy, especially considering that they were trying to spring a high-profile prisoner.  It had been almost impossible for Gaksital to rescue Damsari, but look how simple it was for others to rescue Gaksital – some blows to the head, a few smoke bombs, and you’re done.  It was kind of cute how Lady Comrade made sure to grab the bridal mask on their way out – it’s like his Indiana Jones hat.  But I wonder what Gang To’s last look at a knocked out Shunji meant – goodbye?  I’m sorry?  Or, I’m totally going to get you back for the nail box thing, and for hugging Mok Dan all of those times?  I hope it’s the last one.